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Let the wedding planning begin!!

You’re engaged!! Let’s get excited!!!

So first things first… Call Mom and Dad.. No.. Wait.., let’s stare at the ring again. Place it in the perfect lighting.. Ahhhh! That’s it… Now… Let’s call Mom and Dad…

We know that you’re dying to share the news, and what you DON’T want to do is post to Facebook first. Calling your closest family and friends is the most memorable way to share your excitement!!! If you have an idea of who you’ll want as your bridesmaids, make sure you include them in the news sharing.


Richmond Wedding Planner

{image courtesy of David Abel Photography}


 Got bridesmaids??? Good.. Now here are some a few more tips to get you started.



2. Start thinking of a venue. Richmond has some of the most beautiful and historic wedding venues to explore.

3. Choose your wedding date. After all of the “congratulations!”, the next question will be “When’s the wedding?”. So be ready with a date or a season that you’re leaning towards.

4. Talk money.. YES!! Let’s say it together. “Talk MONEY”. Include your fiancé.. and parents. We know it can be a hard topic to bring up, but, trust me, it needs to happen. In order to book your venue, you’re going to need to know a few things: how much you’re spending, and how many guests you’re inviting.

5. Let’s make that guest list. We always suggest to our couples that they break the guest list into tiers: the ones who must get an invite, the ones who you would like to give an invite, and the ones who will be invited IF there’s room. It will save lots of “wineful” evenings if you prioritize this way.

6. Book your venue. Now that we’ve talked money, you are better equipped to secure that perfect venue for your special day Make sure to book it ASAP!! Most venues book their Saturday’s at a minimum of 6 months in advance, but can book almost a year in advance if it’s a popular venue.

7. Breathe… Once you’ve secure a venue, cop a squat for a minute. Your wedding planner is ready to create an unforgettable experience for you! You want your wedding planning process to be the most enjoyable moments of your life.  Enjoy this time.


Richmond Wedding Planner

{image courtesy of Sarah Goodwin Photography}

Remember, this is about you and your fiancé. Of course, you’re going to receive bundles of advice and suggestions on how your wedding should be. These are only suggestions and no ones feelings will be hurt when you do what you want to do.




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Wedding Professional Friendors

Over here at the EYE studios, we thought it would be cool to introduce a new series for our wonderful Wedding Professional “Friendors” that we’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past.

So today, we’d like to start off with this gem!! {Rounds of Applause please}


Rial & Elliott // Wedding Highlights from Yew Productions on Vimeo.


Yew Productions.. one word… AMAZING!!! Jacob was so responsive in our email conversations. The timeline was very much appreciated by him and his crew. On the day of the wedding, Eli and Tyler were so kind and we both had a good laughing moment when we both said, almost simultaneously, “Is there anything you need from me?”. That was a true sign of a great wedding professional team!! Stony Point at Sabot was the perfect Richmond location for this wedding story to be told!

Many times, Cinematography is often the last thing to be thought of in the wedding planning process. We are so excited that our clients saw this value and hired these guys to capture their day!! The end product was nothing short of amazing!

Rial was one of most favorite brides to work with. You know when a entire family just embraces you and loves on you? Well Rial and her family did just that. The planning and coordination process was so enjoyable. The most captivating moment for us? Snagging an 150 foot Burlap runner!!! Cool right?? We know.. We are still in shock on that one!!

This is definitely one wedding we could do over and over again!!!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into an incredible day of celebration for Rial and Elliott.

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